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By Zane, June 25, 2013 Comments Off Albums, TV & Movies

Each week, Dustin Hansen of Graywhale Entertainment and Zane from Out Of Our System will be covering the best in new releases of music, movies, games and more. Tune in, and then go to your nearest Graywhale Entertainment location to get hooked… Read More »

By Eric, June 20, 2013 Comments Off TV & Movies

After our heated discussion over Man of Steel, the podcast guys thought my best shot at cooling down would be with The Purge. Let’s see if they were right. The Purge is set about twenty years into the distant future. Crime, poverty,… Read More »

By Devin, June 19, 2013 Comments Off Broadcasts

Man of Steel tears apart the podcast this episode. Special guest Steve Coombs of The Twilighty Podcast About That Zone joins us this week to discuss… er, argue about Superman. Find out which members of the cast loved it, and… Read More »

By Eric, June 14, 2013 Comments Off TV & Movies

This week I guess the guys on the podcast decided to show some “mercy” and assigned me the newest Owen Wilson – Vince Vaughn movie The Internship.  When I found out that Vince Vaughn created the story and helped in writing… Read More »

By Devin, June 14, 2013 Comments Off Broadcasts

Fans of Cards Against Humanity will be bummed this week and forever now that we have removed it from the show. In it’s place we have an extended current events section to cover all the chaos surrounding E3.    … Read More »

By Trent, June 11, 2013 Comments Off Books & Comics, TV & Movies

Superman. World’s first and greatest super hero. Since his creation there have been lawsuits and legal disputes surrounding the Last Son of Krypton, who has creative control and rights over the most well-known comic book character of all time. But… Read More »

By Eric, June 7, 2013 1 TV & Movies

I don’t think that this is news to anyone, but the OOOS guys are once again trying to ruin my week with another bad movie. This week it happens to be M. Night Shymalan’s latest movie After Earth, starring Will… Read More »

By Devin, June 6, 2013 Comments Off Broadcasts

TJ was in Vegas this week trying to win enough money to keep our podcast afloat for another season, so our good friend and regular guest Scott “Scotbot” Luttrell stepped in to host this week’s episode. Scott did a great… Read More »

By Eric, May 31, 2013 Comments Off TV & Movies

My movie assignment this week is the third and supposedly final installment in The Hangover series. If you seen the other two movies then you are familiar with the formula that goes into making these movies. Bachelor party+memory wiping drugs+missing group… Read More »

By Jake, May 30, 2013 Comments Off Games

Earlier this week information was released that Blizzard has reset the current design of their new Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) code named Titan (credit to Venture Beat for the story). The team of nearly 100 developers has… Read More »